REBLAU is a lighting and furniture label founded by architect Regina Blauensteiner.

REBLAU Design comprises a collection of lighting objects and furniture designs which have been developed by Regina Blauensteiner over the past several years. Her main design principle is based on contextual shifts of existing objects by converting, reassembling and combining them towards new use cases.

One of her recent works is the Micro Bulb Series. It is based on microphone stands, an object accompanying rock stars on their rock stage. Regina rethinks both, use case and context of this object and turns the stand into the star on a special stage: the living room. Her result, Micro Bulb is a highly flexible and colorful floor lamp. Micro Bulb Junior is a smaller version, perfectly suited as desk lamp.

In her ongoing career as an architect, a fascination with facades has been critical to her practice. In one of her most recently complete projects, the Department 2 Building on WU Campus in Vienna with Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Regina had key hand in the design, detailing and development of the façade.

In developing various building envelopes over many years, Regina came to the realization that interior furniture surfaces within the space that we live and work are given considerably less attention than the exterior building surface. As a result the spaces, in which we spend most of our time, are largely filled with sterile, undistinguished pieces.  

In response to this Regina has reconsidered the interior surface to create “Better Faces”.

“Better Faces” are furniture facades developed with the same level of craft, thoughtfulness and appreciation for materials, textures and pattern that would be typically applied to exterior façades.  They are designed following an algorithmic process similar to those in used in the development of complex façades, to produce unique patterns and structures that are laser cut into acrylic/glass panels which are then applied onto existing furniture surfaces.

In this way, sideboards, high boards, storage units, and office furniture can be transformed into unique playful items and the quality of and interior space can be enhanced.

Through “Better Faces”, furniture regains the appreciation afforded to pre-industrial area pieces, while the abstract patterns and fabrication techniques connect them the Zeitgeist.


2018-today Project Architect @ WRNS Studio, San Francisco

2014 Launching of  REBLAU Design with focus on design of furniture and lighting objects

2000-2012 working on international projects with Architects in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles,California most recently with Atelier Hitoshi Abe on the D2 Building at Campus WU in Vienna /  Atelier Hitoshi Abe, NMPB Architekten, Syntax Architektur, Chalabi Architects

1999-2005 Master of Architectural Design at Vienna University of Technology, Austria and  RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia